Portrait Photography FAQs

How long does the shoot take?

o Approximately 1 hour. We find an hour is usually plenty of time to capture lots of variety for your family,
and to keep it nice and fun and interactive for your little ones.
o For newborn shoots we usually allow approximately 2 hours to capture lots of variety while also allowing plenty
of time for you to tend to little ones needs i.e. feeding, nursing, changing.

What kind of backdrops do you use?

o Our studio is a blank canvas – We use some really cool lighting techniques to create different effects,
but essentially it means the portraits are very much focussed on you, your expressions, your relationships, and who you are as a family.

Can we do a location shoot?

o Our style is all about capturing portraits in the studio, however if there is somewhere that really means a lot to you
and your family we are more than happy to do a location shoot.
o Within the studio, it’s still a really fun and natural style. It’s not a traditional studio setting – sit and smile!
We are all about fun and personality and we find studio shoots provide a comfortable and private space for you and your family
to relax into and enjoy your shoot. It also means we don’t need to worry about weather or time of day.
o Please have a look on our website for lots of examples of our signature style of studio portraits
o We would like to advise that there is a $150 location fee at time of booking for shoots on location.

Is there anything we should do to prepare for the shoot?

o You can have a chat with your family and see if there’s anything that you all love doing together. Or if you have any favourite items,
any toys, musical instruments, costumes, heirlooms, anything that relates to you as a family; feel free to bring them along!
o You’re welcome to have a look on our website for ideas and inspiration.
o What do you like? Is there anything you would like to bring?
o We specialise in families and pets, so if you have a little fur baby, a big fur baby, or even a “furless” animal baby, please feel free to bring them along!

Can we bring extra family members or friends to the studio?

o Of course! Everyone is welcome along… We can comfortable fit between 15-20 people in the studio.
We can capture a variety of combinations while you are here as well: a full group shot, then any other combinations that you request.

What clothing do you recommend?

o We recommend choosing a colour palette that suits your family or your family home. For example, if you prefer cooler colours
you could incorporate this into the outfits, without everyone having to all be in one block colour i.e. black, or white. It’s nice to
sometimes have a mix, but one that all lends toward a similar palette.
o Avoid logos and graphics prints that might be a bit distracting to the overall family portrait.
o Consider the colours in your home. If you’re choosing a piece to put up on the wall, think about what you might like to
see on the wall which includes what your wearing. An outfit you won’t get sick of looking at
o EXAMPLE: One family for example, husband wore his favourite t-shirt which has a semi naked woman on it…. Fine on the day
they thought but then their gorgeous final photos had the semi-naked lady in them.

What about shoes?

o If you decide to go barefoot, it’s best to all be barefoot. The same goes with wearing shoes, everybody or nobody
o Sometimes we take either full length shots or photos with you sitting on the floor in which case your shoes or feet may be visible.
So, it is important to consider footwear and is a great excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure!

What clothing looks best for black and white photos?

o Simple lines and patterns work best. Nothing that is too busy. Linens, wools, or anything with an
interesting texture can photograph beautifully in black and white.
o It is sometimes best to avoid a bright white or a dark black – Go for off white or mid tones, and keep the colours neutral.
o Blues come up darker, and black/white/red come up lighter.

Should I wear extra makeup?

o We love for you to look like you. Our style isn’t so much a glamour style, but we do use very high end flattering lighting.
So, feel free to wear your normal levels of makeup, possibly a tiny bit more if you would like to. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
It’s best to keep your lips moisturised, especially in winter. So, we recommend being extra lip conscious a week before the shoot
and bring a little lip balm along on the day ☺
o We also recommend starting with a natural lip, and you can add a bit of lippy in mid shoot if you would like to have those options.
o We can recommend some local hair and makeup artists if you would like to treat yourself before the shoot.
o But we will make sure we direct you and light you to ensure you are looking your absolute best!

What other items should we bring?

o Any items that are personal to your family that will help tell your story!
o This could be anything as crazy as a motorbike, or as simple as a favourite hat/scarf.
o If your little girl or boy loves to play dress ups, feel free to bring their most loved costumes!
o Practical things:
• Bring treats for your pets!
• If it’s a newborn session, consider bringing a spare shirt for yourselves – little accidents do happen!
• But in all cases, you are welcome to bring another outfit if you would like to have different looks throughout the shoot.

What happens if our little one is grumpy throughout the shoot?

o We always take our time with each photoshoot to allow your little ones to adjust to the space. When we initially organise the booking, we will try our very best to find a time that works well with your child’s feeding/napping schedule. Sometimes they come in bright and bubbly and we get as many shots as we can straight up, sometimes they take a little time to warm up, but we are always ready and we go at their pace.
o If for some reason it’s just not happening – We are happy to offer a complimentary re-shoot.
o Hannah has seen tantrums of all shapes and sizes, so it’s a really comfortable space, and it’s often those little moments in between that can produce the best shots.

Can I buy a gift voucher for my friend?

o Yes! I can help you over the phone, or I can send you a link where you can purchase the gift voucher online,
at anytime. You can choose any amount of studio credit or select a specific product to be included in their gift.
We will make sure they absolutely LOVE their experience!

Can we use two different gift vouchers at the same shoot?

o We can accept one gift voucher per family per year. If you’ve been extra lucky and have received two gift vouchers,
we are happy to extend the second vouchers expiry to the following year. You are also welcome to give the voucher
as a gift to someone else whom you believe would love the experience.

Can we swap the value of the gift voucher for a digital collection?

o If the gift voucher mentions studio credit, you are welcome to use this towards any product or package that you wish.
However, if it mentions a specific product, this is what will be included in your portrait experience.
All of our products are professionally made and beautiful, and we are sure you will love what has been chosen for you on your gift voucher.

When will our photos be ready?

o Once you’ve had your portrait experience with us we will invite you back into the studio approximately one week after
the session to view your selection of photos. We then help you choose your favourites, and the production time for prints
and wall art is approximately 2 weeks. Albums can take up to 4 weeks.

I have family overseas/interstate… Can we share the photos with them?

o Absolutely! Once you have selected your package, we will provide a private online gallery that you are welcome
to share with your friends and family. This will be available for 2 weeks. If your family then has any requests or
would like to order anything, they can contact us directly via email or phone, or they can also order online.

What am I likely to spend the photographs?

o The experience is designed to be very flexible so that you only choose exactly what you love.
Packages and albums start at $950, wall art from $450, prints from $150.

Can we buy digital only photographs?

o We will always include a complimentary high resolution digital image of each printed photograph that is purchased,
however, we don’t offer a digital only package for our professional portraiture.

How much is one photo?

o One photograph is $150 and is presented in your choice of either an 8”x12” print, or a 4”x6” acrylic block,
and you will always receive a complimentary high resolution digital version of the same image.
o We do have packages available that will mean an individual photograph is $95, $72.50, or $65,
depending on the number of photos that you choose.
o If you do choose one of our packages the session fee is included
o However, you are not locked in to any of the packages. You are welcome to pay the initial session fee for $150,
enjoy the experience, and then choose individual items to add onto this once you have seen your photos.
o We find people do love the packages as they really are excellent value, and most people are happy to choose the Top 10, 20 or 30 photographs.

We would like to create a photo wall, can you help?

o Yes! 100%! We suggest you take a photo of the wall that you have in mind and take down the measurements.
We can help put designs together for you in the studio using software that will show you exactly what your photographs will look like on your own wall.
o We’re also available to do an in-home consultation for you by request.