Wedding Photography FAQs

Find below, our Wedding Photography FAQs to help you prepare for your Hannah Photography Wedding Photography experience.

I just want candid shots on the day, nothing posed…

No problem! The natural, candid shots are always the best. However, it is still important to take a little time out on the day and Hannah find the best light, then let you muck around and have fun – she will stand back and capture those moments for you.

Can we do family portraits afterwards?

Yes! It’s best to write a list beforehand and Hannah can coordinate this for you. This helps it to run smoothly and we can then focus on the two of you.
And a whole group photo is fun as well and it best shot straight after the ceremony before people disappear to the bar!

How about the boys?

Myself or Olivia can travel to the boys getting ready as well…Otherwise, we are usually at the ceremony location earlier than the bride to get photos of the guests arriving. We can capture some photos of the boys there too.

When will you arrive in the morning?

Depends on how big your bridal party is….I usually arrive one hour after the hair and make-up crew get there so there is a bit of fun and atmosphere happening.
And I ask that your hair and make up is completely finishes at least two hours before you leave for the ceremony.

This allows for time to get photos of you in dress, with your girls, family etc.

What if it’s raining?

Photos on rainy days can be just as beautiful, if not more so! Having the dramatic clouds can work well, and if we come prepared with umbrellas and boots – it can be a lot of fun.

If it is torrential and we can only take photos indoors, I’m very happy to offer a post wedding shoot for you anytime.

What is the best time for light?

The hour leading up to sunset is known as the golden hour and is produces a very soft and magical glow, perfect for your wedding photos!

Do you have an assistant?

Yes – the lovely Olivia will attend all weddings in Brisbane where possible. However, I am very comfortable shooting solo as well and have a knack for ‘being everywhere at once’ and capturing those little moments in between the big stuff that really tell the story of the day.

How much time do we need for photos on the day?

At least an hour and half so that we are not rushed. 2 Hours is even better especially if we need to travel to a different location for photos.
If the ceremony concludes at 4pm and the reception starts at 6pm, this is usually the best time for light.

How about one for my parents?

Yes – the mini albums are a great keepsake and they are $350.

Do I have to pay for extra pages/sides/spreads?

There are 15 spreads included with each album in the packages. This can fit up to 50 images. It is then $75 per extra spread. 25 maximum for Deluxe, 40 max for original.

How does the album design work?

Hannah will have an album preview ready for you when you collect your USB and view the slideshow. If you are happy with the design, you can choose your cover option and it will be sent to print. It is then ready about 4 weeks after that.
If you would like any of the images changed or moved around, we can spend as much time as you like getting it absolutely perfect so you will love and treasure it forever.

How long until I see the images after the wedding?

Usually about 4 weeks after your wedding you will be invited into the studio to view the highlights reel and collect your USB of photos.

Can I edit the RAW files myself?

Unfortunaltely, no – Hannah believes the digital editing is as much a part of the creative process as capturing the photos in camera.

The images you are presented with will be fully finished and edited for you.

Will the images be re-touched?

Yes – digital editing is included for all colour correcting, skin tones and other enhancements.

Do I have to have an album with the package?

Hannah is happy to discuss digital only options with you, however, it is encouraged to keep an album. It will be what you love most and your family will treasure forever!

Are the Digital Photos included with the packages?

Yes – they are yours to keep! They are large files and ready for you to print as many times as you like?

How many photos will I receive?

It is different for each wedding, however, there is usually about 500 carefully edited photographs presented to you in high resolution on USB.

How many hours are included for each wedding?

It does vary – usually about 10 hours – Hannah is there for as long as you need!