Get dogs behaving for photo shoots

The world of puppies! Often referred to as man’s best friend, it only makes sense that your beloved pooch (and their own little personalities!) be involved with your portrait session. Similar to humans though, animals are often not overly fond of being taken out of their comfort zone. There are a number of things to think about in the lead up to your shoot which will make the shoot as stress free and enjoyable for your pet as it will be for you!

1)      Dogs love exploring, and a new environment which they haven’t encountered before (such as our photography studio) with new sights and smells can be a sensory overload. Allowing your pet time to get to know the studio before the shoot itself can help reduce the overexcitement levels.

2)      Does your dog have a favourite toy (or toys!), favourite blanket or bed? BRING THEM ALONG!!! Seeing your pet in a natural state in an unfamiliar environment helps show the personality of your little fur baby!

3)      FOOD!!!! We all know how well animals respond to treats. Bring some along!

4)      Patience. Unfortunately animals don’t quite have the receptive qualities humans have when it comes to comes to photography.

5)      And most importantly…Have fun!!! While photographing your pet on its own is often ridiculously cute, capturing a special moment between you can result in a truly special photo.