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Hannah Photography wedding shot
 There’s oh-so much more to it than just “point and shoot”.

An Instagram account flooding with likes, does not a photographer make. While we may all think we’ve mastered the art of food photography and the lighting needed for the perfect selfie, our amateur talent will always pale in comparison with someone trained to do the job. Professional photographers can get the best shots, no filter needed.

The truth of the matter is, no matter how good your partner, friend, or six-year-old nephew (kids and technology, am I right?!) is at taking photos, you want to trust a REAL professional to achieve your picture-perfect, frame-worthy, memory-holding, keep-forever photographs on your wedding day. Because you only get married once (hopefully).

Selecting a professional to get the results you want is important, because no one wants a shot that looks like this:

Awkward wedding photo
That awkward moment when your wedding dress makes you look like a mythical creature. Photo:

We spoke with Hannah Gough from the professional Brisbane Portrait and Wedding photography studio Hannah Photography, and she’s shared five tips she uses to create couples picture-perfect moments.


Practice makes perfect! Never trial a new tan, new makeup style or hairdo before seeing what it looks like through the lens. An easy way to practise the look, is to arrange an engagement shoot after your hair and makeup trial. It’s also a great way to feel more comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day and familiarise yourself with the photographer. Often couples have never had professional portraits taken before their wedding, so it’s a good idea to try some fun and informal shots beforehand. You know, to get the feel for it.


Make sure you scout the ceremony, reception, and all locations in between before the wedding day. This way timing can be maximised on the day and you’ll be able to share your ideas and locations that you love with the photographer prior to the big day. Lighting affects areas greatly, so it’s best to scout at the same time of day as the proposed shoot. It’s also ideal to check the area for other events and possible construction close to the time so that there are no surprises.

Hannah Photography photo
The perfect location can ensure the ideal shot. Photo: Hannah Photography.



Where are you getting ready for your wedding? Photographs can look beautiful if they are captured in your family home with lots of memories and relics that tell intricate stories of your past and future. Consider what is in your family home and what you’d like included in the frame of the photo, and what you don’t want in the frame, too! Rooms with natural light are best, and if you’re in a hotel room, choose a room with lots of light and space. White walls or feature coloured walls can make for a simple and effective makeshift backdrop.


Always be wary of the time. You don’t want to have to rush to cram family photos, bridal party photos and your newlywed photos after the ceremony in the remaining natural light of the sunset. If timing allows on the day, consider choosing a location for photographs with your bridal party before the wedding. Then you can save the romantic sunset photos just for the two of you! If you prefer all bridal party photos after the ceremony, allow 2 hours between the end of the ceremony and when you’re introduced into the reception.


Chill out and leave the worrying to the professionals. Photo: Hannah Photography.
Chill out and leave the worrying to the professionals. Photo: Hannah Photography.

You’re in good hands, so stop thinking or worrying about what you look like! It’s the photographer’s job to measure the light affecting you and ensure the best angles are captured. It’s easy to become conscious about how you may look, but the best photos are often the ones when you forget the camera’s there. You may have just burst out into laughter, eyes closed, and be truly in the moment; that’s the shot. Oh and one more tip: bring an esky! Make the photo shoot a fun part of the day rather than a chore (especially for your bridal party or engagement shoot). If you have an esky with refreshments and enough time allowed, then the shoot will be fun and relaxed and this will show in your photographs.

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