Workshop Wednesdays Vol.32

Workshop Wednesdays vol. 32

We were very fortunate to photograph the Churchie Mother’s Day high tea event last week and I overheard the principle give a speech to the Mums and Sons attending the function. It really struck a chord with me and I wanted to share it with you. It was about sacrifice. The importance of acknowledging that a Mother will sacrifice everything for their child. It is a sacrifice of love, but still, none the less, a sacrifice. I want to dedicate this weeks WW to my own Mum. Thank you for everything you have done for me over the years, everything you have sacrificed. For always having my back and showing love and support, even through some of my more questionable choices. You are simply the best and I am eternally grateful for you Mum! A big ‘hat’s off’ to all of the Mums out there – you deserve a lot more than one day to be celebrated! This one is for you… indulge in some beautiful inspiration and let’s celebrate just why Mums are the best.

HP Tip 1

Allow yourself to be photographed! We meet a lot of Mums that aren’t comfortable with being in front of the camera (especially just after giving birth). It’s also often the case that Mums are in charge of the camera at home, and therefore always behind the lens. This Mother’s day, why not hand the camera over, or get a friend (or professional!) to take your portrait. It doesn’t have to be the perfect setting, just you with your family, celebrating what is the most special gift in this world: Motherhood.

Random Fact

“Gaia, or Mother Earth, was the first goddess in Greek mythology. She created herself out of primordial chaos. She also created Earth and the universe.” SOURCE

In The News

Photo For Thought

Nick Ut’s famous photo The Terror of War | 1972 + Anne Baylin’s portrait of Kim Phuc | 1995

“Kim Phuc was the subject of the most famous picture of the Vietnam War. Taken in 1972, the photograph showed Kim – ‘the girl in the picture’ – badly burned by napalm.  This portrait above was captured by Anne Baylin in 1995. “So many scars, my arms, my back. I thought I would never marry, no-one would love me. But I was wrong. This picture of me, and my Thomas, my angel – its a picture of love”. Kim Phuc

The history of the iconic photo below: “25 miles northwest of Saigon, war photographer Nick Ut, captured one of the most harrowing images in the history of the Vietnam War. More often than not, the faces of those who suffer through the collateral damage of war are not seen.

But the harrowing image of 9-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc forced the world to see. A victim of mistakenly dropped napalm, she was later helped by Ut and received lifesaving treatment.

At the time of publication in 1972 many Newspapers had to relax their policies on nudity. The image remains controversial to this day, recently it was briefly removed from Facebook for the same reasons. “The horror of the Vietnam War recorded by me did not have to be fixed.” –NICK UT Nick Ut won a Pulitzer Prize for this famous image in 1973.”


Iconic Photographer:

Helen Levitt (1913 – 2009)

“Capturing humor with photography can be difficult. However, Helen Levitt made it seem easy. An American photographer known for her street photography, Levitt’s talent didn’t stop there as she mastered capturing humor on the streets. She is now considered the “most celebrated and least known female photographer of her time” and was a pioneer of color photography and color street photography. Today, there’s even a huge debate over street photography being monochrome or in color. Applying for and receiving not just any grant but a prestigious Guggenheim grant, Levitt had a stellar opportunity to explore her hometown. With the grant renewed for a second time in 1960, she honored the grant’s requirements and the world of photography by capturing hundreds of images that shifted from black and white to color. You can see some of her work here.

Tip 2

Make yourself feel great before a photo shoot! Emotions often show through in a photograph, even if you are trying to hide them. If you have the opportunity, treat yourself to a massage or a pampering session of hair and make-up before your photo shoot. Make sure you keep make-up fairly natural though, you still want to look like YOU! However, if you are relaxed and pampered, that will be sure to shine through in your portrait. 

Tip 3

Can you find photos of your Mum at the same age as you now? Your Mum’s Mum? How far can you go back? Perhaps create a project where you compile an album or a frame print collection of your family tree!

Story of the Week

A few years back, I was incredibly impressed when a young lady called to arrange a portrait of herself and her three brothers as a surprise for their Mum. As one of four myself, I know how challenging the task can be of wrangling everyone to be in the same place at the same time. None the less, Dimity Fletcher managed to bring all three brothers in to the studio and while a little bit reluctant at the start, they soon got into the swing of things and couldn’t help laughing and mucking around, just like when they were growing up. To my pleasure and delight, Justin, the oldest brother, invited me to photograph his wedding this year to the beautiful Jessie, on a family property in Kandanga. I arrived the day before so we could scope the property together for the best vantage points. I was blown away by the sheer beauty of this countryside that I had never before encountered. If you haven’t yet visited this region, southwest of Gympie – put it on your list, I can’t wait to get back! The sun was shining on Friday for our walk-through and their stunning out-door set up was sure to be incredible to photograph. The weather, however, had other plans and Saturday happened to be one of the wettest days of the month! Not to be deterred, Jessie and Justin were unfazed and said their vows under their favourite tree, with their friends and family as witnesses. It really was the most beautiful day and in a way, the rain added to the beauty, atmosphere and ambiance. It was lovely to see the Fletcher siblings again and was a reminder of how lucky I am to be in the business of recording moments for people and families at such key milestones through their life!


Thank you for reading this far and happy Mother’s Day for Sunday!

Best wishes from
Hannah and Olivia (and Nic and Charlie)…


We are very excited to share the photos with you this week Louise and Dave!!! X All wedding photos in this post are courtesy of their beautiful wedding in March 2019.