Workshop Wednesdays Vol.51

Forgive me if my words are few this week… We are right back in the swing of things and the studio is BUSY! From families of 16 with 3 dogs to girls on motorbikes to throwing paint at a wedding dress – this month has it all! I could burst with the love I have for photography and this little business of mine… Every single day is so different and I am feeling even more inspired than ever. I still, however, want to take a little bit of time out to research and compile some of the best bits of photography from around the world – to get myself out of my head – expand my horizons and share the joy of photography with you all at the same time. I hope you enjoy! 

Workshop Wednesdays vol. 51



Iconic Photographer

Journey To The 8: Michael Aboya

“My name is Michael Aboya also known as Aboya.8, a fine-art and fashion photographer based in Ghana, West Africa. This is a story about my journey to the 8, a journey that never ends, a story that will always be told long after I’m gone. When I was 19, my passion for arts and photography became very real. At that time I was studying software programming, a subject I had no particular interest in it, but my parents wanted me to be a programmer. The journey and story begins when I lost my father to cancer in August 2016, this drove me to realize that one day I will also die; but do I die knowing I pursued my dreams or that I wasted my life? It was then, that I started to pursue my dreams of becoming a professional photographer. I stopped studying computer programming and used the little savings and funds I had to buy a Canon T3 camera with a Canon EF 70mm – 300mm lens. In early 2017, I started working as a full-time photographer, dedicated to learning and very importantly becoming a better version of myself. Today, as a visual artist working with photography, my purpose is to tell stories that inspire, empower and connect with the viewer. My images explore emotions, love and strength through composition, lighting, and subject matter. As I look to the future, I look forward to continuing the exploration of our humanity for many years to come.”

Awards, Features And Partnerships.

• 2020 – Best portrait photography 2020 Agora Images Spain Barcelona.

• 2019 – Author Of the best photograph in the world 2019 “Songs OF Freedom” – Agora Awards 2019 in Spain, Barcelona.

• 2018 – Best eyes photography award, Best sound photography award, and Best horse rider Photography award.


Interesting Read

“It’s mid-spring, 1961. In the kitchen of a safe house in Montgomery, Ala., Martin Luther King Jr. is tense. In the house with the 32-year-old civil rights leader are 17 students—fresh-faced college kids who, moved by King’s message of racial equality, are putting their lives at risk. These are the groundbreaking practitioners of nonviolent civil disobedience known as the Freedom Riders, and over the past two harrowing weeks, as they’ve traveled across the state on integrated buses, their numbers have diminished at every stop in the face of arrests, mob beatings, and even fire-bombings.

Right there along with the riders, capturing the mood of the movement as it swung between exhilarated and exhausted, thrilled and terrified, was 26-year-old LIFE photographer Paul Schutzer. He had covered the landmark Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom march and rally in Washington, D.C., four years earlier and had witnessed firsthand the courage and determination Dr. King inspired in his followers. Filed along with Schutzer’s Pilgrimage photos in LIFE’s archives are notes from the magazine’s Washington bureau chief, Henry Suydam Jr., citing the energy and excitement that swirled around King: “At the end of the ceremonies, a couple of hundred people pressed feverishly on Reverend King seeking pictures, autographs, handshakes, or just a close look. The jam got so heavy that he had to be escorted to safety by police.”

Here, decades after the Freedom Riders put their lives on the line for dignity and equal rights, presents photos from that heady era in U.S. history, most of which never ran in LIFE magazine. Here are pictures, from the rides and the safe houses, charting a pivotal moment in the journey of Dr. King himself and in the nation-changing movement he led, from the monuments of Washington to the highways, rural roads, churches and bus depots of the Jim Crow American South.”…


Story of the week

One year on… I honestly didn’t believe Aiat when I received a call saying they were about to celebrate Pardis’ first birthday! It felt like only yesterday that we photographed a special maternity shoot (with their cats!) and then a newborn photo shoot when little Pardis arrived safely into the world. Our paths didn’t cross again until last weekend when I was able to pop into the first birthday celebrations and capture a few portraits of Pardis all grown up! It was remarkable and very special and I can’t thank you enough Aiat and Shahab for inviting me to capture these little moments for your family! Pardis is SO ADORABLE!!!

Best Wishes From HP!

Happy Wednesday everyone and best wishes for the week ahead! Sending lots of hugs to everyone – especially those in Victoria now in lock-down again. Thinking of you! 

Hannah, Olivia, Angela, Nic and Charlie

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