Portrait Photography Brisbane

Pet Friendly Family Portraits

Who is important in your story? How would you tell it? What would you say?

We love capturing images that are full of emotion and personality - images that tell a story. Your story! We believe in making portrait sessions as fun and lively as possible... That's what brings out all the natural smiles and genuine laughter. Hannah Photography's signature style works perfectly for families, couples, individuals, newborns, and of course... your treasured pet!

Our session fee is $150 for a studio portrait experience, and will include:

  • Pre-consultation via phone, email or in studio to discuss your style and any personal preferences
  • The photo shoot - usually one hour, or up to three hours for a newborn session
  • Design consultation approximately one week after the photo shoot. We will have a presentation ready for you to view in the studio and can help you choose the best product or package for your favourite photos
  • An online gallery can also be provided if you need a little extra time to choose your favourites

A vast range of gorgeous products are available and there is something to suit everyone.

We believe our portraits truly capture the essence of what it means to be a family.  The experience itself will be a unique way to bring the family together, and the photographs will last for generations.

Please fill out the form below to receive a full pricing PDF and click on the galleries to see examples of our style.

Photographs have a way of capturing a moment, an expression, an emotion. A thousand words wouldn't cover it... Or look anywhere near as good.