Workshop Wednesdays Vol.XXVI

Workshop Wednesdays vol. XXVI

I may have accidentally used up all of my words in the “Story of the Week” – please read on below… It has inspired a Maternity and Newborn focus this week, with our best tips for making the most of your portrait experience as well as some inspiration from around the world. It truly is a great week!!!

HP Tip 1

Timing is everything! For maternity sessions, we recommend booking a photo shoot at around the 30 week mark.  Every pregnancy and belly is different so if you are feeling particularly big or small, use your instincts to decide the best time… For newborn photo shoots the best time is within the first two weeks… the earlier the better, depending of course, on how you are feeling!

Random Fact

“Parents have reported seeing some pretty unusual things — including the faces of people and even “supernatural” beings — inside images from an expectant mom’s womb.”




In The News

“Angelina Jolie, a UNHCR special envoy, speaks to reporters at Kutupalong refugee camp. Camps in the region are home to almost 700,000 Rohingya who fled their villages in Myanmar after a military crackdown”.

Puts into perspective just how lucky we are in this country!

Photograph: Munir Uz Zaman/AFP/Getty Images


Photo For Thought


First place winner and winner of members choice, this is one of clearest images of a water birth we have ever seen. The little girl gets a very intimate introduction to her baby sibling before he or she is lifted out of the water.

Source: Marijke Thoen Birthphotography.

There are 10 other amazing birth photos HERE!


Iconic Photographer:

Kelly Brown

I must pay homage to the legendary Kelly Brown – a true inspiration to anyone that has ever aspired to be a maternity and newborn photographer. Kelly paved the way for us all and now dedicates much of her time teaching other pros the best way forward. I could look at her incredible images all day, everyday – she is the master! 

A little bit about Kelly:

“Little Pieces Photography was started by Brisbane-based photographer, Kelly Brown, who has become one of the world’s most awarded photographers.

Established in 2004, Little Pieces Photography has been trusted by thousands of families worldwide to capture their maternity, newborn, and family portraits.

In 2017 we opened a state of the art studio in Sumner, Brisbane, where we continue to photograph exquisite portraits, and to offer our clients the very best service.

With Kelly Brown leading a team of inspired creatives, Little Pieces Photography is dedicated to providing the very best photography experience to each and every client who walks through our doors.

We would love to meet you and discuss how we can work together to create some treasured photographs to capture your family.”


And if you are aspiring to be a newborn photographer… You must check this out HERE

Tip 2

Hannah Photography Styling Tips
(These are our general tips… We have included a few bonus tips below for the Maternity and Newborn Experience)


This is YOUR photo shoot and every individual and family that we meet is completely different. So this is just a guide as well as a few tips and tricks. If you have a special idea in mind, we are here to help and make it work!


1. Think of the end product… Would you like this portrait to be displayed on your wall? If so, are there any particular colour schemes in your home that you would like to match? Or things you definitely want to avoid?


2. Choose a colour palette, rather than all block colours that are the same. 


3. Think textures… In tying in to the colour palette theme, it can be fun to include a “pop” of floral (for example), or silk, linen or even faux fur! Remember, the idea is that we are photographing your family as you are… So it should reflect your style and the things that you love!


4. Avoid loud graphics, text or even logos on clothing… This can sometimes detract from facial expressions and make the image too busy.


5. Bring a few different options if you’re unsure, or even if you would like a few different styles captured within the one session: Formal, Casual, Themed (sports, music, food, anything!).


6. Do you have any items that have sentimental value to you that you think could tell the story of you and your family? Books, heirlooms, uniforms? This is very optional but can be fun to try a themed shot that has storytelling elements included.


7. Shoes! Occasionally your feet may make an appearance in the portrait… It’s good to think about your footware or if you would rather be barefoot. It’s best to have everyone one way or the other 🙂


8. Accessories and make-up – as much or as little as you like! We have amazing lighting that is flattering for everyone. Feel free to bring along touch-ups if you wish!

9. Relax and be yourself! Remember, we will make sure the lighting is amazing and provide directions and prompts for positioning. Our style is, however, fun and relaxed and we find it’s sometimes the unexpected moments that make for the best portraits!  Be sure to look online for inspiration and make sure you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and that it’s something you absolutely love!


10. For your maternity photo shoot experience, consider flowing materials and kimonos – a great way to show off your belly and still feel comfortable. Also choose items that show off your silhouette!

11. Our best tip for the newborn photo shoot experience is to bring a change of clothing (and we don’t just mean for your baby!)… Sometimes little accidents happen and it’s best to have a spare shirt just in case. Often, we love to bundle your little one up in a stretch knit, or cheesecloth wrap so “outfits” aren’t always required. We definitely encourage you to bring clothing, accessories or items along that are special to you so we can incorporate these into the portraits if you wish. Otherwise, feel free to come as you are and we can focus on a very natural style of portraiture that showcases expression, detail and relationships.

Tip 3

Think about the future…

As you can imagine, I have grand plans for my future children and the photo projects I will make them endure! I am admittedly a notorious planner however,  I understand that with families and life in general, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. It can’t hurt, however, to have a plan and try and achieve a certain idea or project. For example, wouldn’t it be fun to have a portrait of each of your children at the same age? Or an album that you continually add to as your family grows? Or even a portrait session at the same time every year, or 3 or even 5! To have a record of this captured professionally is pretty special and an important legacy to leave behind.

(We love this photo of Connor (above) looking at himself as a newborn… Maybe as a two year old he could look at the photo of himself as a one year old looking at himself as a newborn…..!)

Story of the Week

I remember very clearly 12 years ago when my big sister was pregnant for the first time. I was working onboard the Wind Surf as ship photographer in the Mediterranean (not as glamorous as it sounds I promise) and couldn’t help but tell every single person I met that “my sister is pregnant”!! The evening that I received the news of “IT’S A GIRL”, I walked into the ballroom on the ship, announced the good news to the first table of people, however, everyone overheard and the whole ballroom erupted in applause! The captain even made an announcement over the PA! It was such a moving moment, that everyone could be so happy for someone on the other side of the world that they’ve never even met! (Yes, I cried!)

Well folks, guess what  – my sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy yesterday and I feel like shouting it from the rooftops yet again (sorry Rach!)…  It amazes me that the whole world doesn’t stop for such a miraculous occasion… A brand new human now exists in the world! I realise it’s a very common occurrence with approximately 350 000 babies born around the world every day. However, for each family, it is a show-stopping, life-altering event. A brand new story just beginning… It is momentous, miraculous and surely the greatest gift on earth.

For the Archers in Mackay – I just want to send all the love in the world up to you… I know Leo has just found himself an incredible family with you Nate, Rach, big sister Bonnie and big brother Joseph. Just when I thought your family couldn’t get any more amazing, along comes #5!!!

Photos below: 1. Where it all began – a photo from Rachel and Nathan’s wedding (one of my first to shoot) 2. Bonnie as a baby – blissfully unaware that the whole of the Mediterranean population had celebrated her arrival! 3. Grown up Bonnie and Joseph … I can’t wait to see them with their brand new sibling!!


Thank you for continuing the journey with us! We welcome your feedback and ideas anytime. Here’s to being inspired!

Best wishes from:
Hannah and Olivia (and Nic and Charlie)…, 

Ps – just a few of our favourites below – we would love the opportunity to show you more in the studio! Call us anytime if we can help with a maternity or newborn portrait experience for you or a friend!